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Initial Consultation  

Restore Your Balance

This Discovery Session is designed for those who are seeking guidance on how to Restore Balance in the mind, body and sprit, but not sure where to begin. In these sessions, we will go over your complete health history together, discuss your specific concerns and determine the best approach for you to take in order to achieve your health and wellness goals. I will also offer any suggestions or resources that may be helpful to you on your wellness journey.

90 minutes

Single Sessions


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holistic health coaching

Whole Life Balance

Throughout this customized six - month program, I will help you to develop a deeper understanding of your food and lifestyle choices and the impact they have on your health. Together, we will create specific goals that align with your individual needs in order to bring you into Whole Life Balance. Through consistent accountability, I will guide you in making healthier choices and creating new habits that will empower you to make sustainable lifestyle changes, greatly improving your overall health and happiness.


The natural consequence of living with these new lifestyle changes may result in: 

Weight Loss ~Reduced Stress ~Healthier Gut ~Better Sleep ~Stronger Immunity


Within this program, you will receive focused attention, encouragement and support while gaining invaluable knowledge to keep you on track to optimal living. 

one Hour

12 sessions​


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Stress management Coaching


In this three - month program, we will work together to determine the core root of what is causing your chronic stress and address those issues from a holistic approach. Utilizing highly effective stress - reducing and mindfulness techniques, I will help you to Relieve your mental and physical symptoms, Restore your balance and Renew your energy. 


Did you know that 75~90% of all doctors office visits are from stress related ailments? 

Too much cortisol from chronic stress can lead to many health problems, including:

Anxiety ~Headaches ~Weight gain ~Fatigue ~Inflammation ~Digestive Upset 


With your new stress management tools, it is absolutely possible to get your symptoms under control and begin to feel happy, healthy and vibrant again!

One Hour

6 sessions


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