My Purpose

At a relatively young age, I lost both my parents (along with many other loved ones) primarily due to preventable illnesses from unhealthy lifestyle choices. This caused tremendous grief and stress, resulting in debilitating pain symptoms and chronic anxiety.  After several years of seeing doctors, chiropractors and physical therapists (with no hope of relief in sight) I began the quest to find answers on how to heal myself, holistically. Through this transformational journey, the discovery of natural health and the power of self healing emerged, providing me with a newfound clarity and renewed zest for life. I have since dedicated myself to empowering others to regain control of their own health and happiness by realizing the importance of cultivating a mind ~ body ~ spirit balance. 

The majority of us were never taught that elements beyond food and exercise could have such a profound impact on the quality of our overall health; however, things like managing our stress, getting quality sleep, connecting with nature and having a spiritual practice are all equally important factors to our well-being.


Through a holistic approach, I can help you to not only prevent, but also reverse 'dis-ease' through the process of uncovering and addressing the root cause of your symptoms, where you will develop a deeper understanding of your lifestyle choices. As we work together, we will look at how all parts of your life affect your health as a whole and we’ll map out a blueprint to bring things into balance. It fulfills my soul knowing I can make a positive impact by guiding you in making healthier choices and leading you on your own transformational journey to optimal wellness. 


In my free time, when I'm not practicing yoga or meditating, you can usually find me somewhere amidst nature, either hiking, biking, or at the beach, grounding my feet in the sand.

Education and training

 Bachelor's Degree | Metaphysical Science 

 Integrative Nutrition Health Coach | Certified (750+ hours)

 Mindfulness Facilitator | Certified (500+ hours)

Includes Mindfulness for Children

 Reiki Energy Practitioner | Certified (2nd degree)

Continuing education, research and experience has equipped me with practical knowledge in:

Natural Healing, Holistic Wellness, Energy Medicine, Ayurveda and Disease Prevention. 


Accredited Holistic Therapist  -  International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine 

Board Certification  -  American Association of Drugless Practioners 

Metaphysical Practitioner  -  International Metaphysical Ministry   

Membership  -  American Holistic Health Association 

Ambassador  -  Institute for Integrative Nutrition 

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