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Holistic Health and Wellness Coaching 


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Hi! I'm Lisa, a Board Certified Health Coach and Holistic Medicine Practitioner who will guide you on a transformational journey of self discovery and self healing through the awareness of the Mind~Body Connection. Utilizing Integrative Nutrition, Natural Health Protocols and Mindfulness Techniques, I will help you to Relieve Stress, Restore Balance and Renew your Energy in the Mind, Body and Spirit. 

I've had a lifelong passion for inspiring others to align with their purpose, remember who they are, and live a truly authentic life. I believe that everyone has the right to achieve optimal wellness and live the vibrant, happy, inspired life we all deserve!

Lisa Smith, B.Msc., CHC, IPHM


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"Lisa is the most incredibly powerful coach I have ever come across! Her wisdom has blown me away, along with her kindness and rare ability to hold space and listen at such deep levels…she hears your soul. She offers poignant and perfect tools to help through the most difficult circumstances where the unthinkable becomes possible. The most amazing thing is how she radiates a calm, steady, strong and loving force.  I genuinely feel I have such great support with her on my side and I’m so thankful to be in a coaching experience with her. Its about the best choice you can make for your life if true change and inner peace is what you seek!"

~Saira, Corporate Trainer


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"I started Lisa’s program with the main goal of losing weight, however, I received so much more than I could have imagined. Lisa deeply enriched my life by helping me learn how to balance my mind, body and soul.  Through this process, the weight loss became easier as I was regaining the ability to love myself again. I can’t thank her enough and I highly recommend her program. It is a life changing experience!"

~Shelly, Registered Nurse


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“Lisa is amazing to work with! She has endless knowledge of how to live a healthy lifestyle with an integrative approach.  She provided me with tons of support and held me accountable to achieving my wellness goals of managing stress more effectively. She's introduced excellent mindfulness tools, which have really helped me cope with everyday stress and anxiety.  I am now thinking more clearly and making better decisions. She has a gentle and sweet demeanor and is a great cheerleader to keeping me on the right path.  I highly recommend her expert services to anyone!"

~Alison, Executive Recruiter



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