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Holistic Health and Wellness Coaching 


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Hi! I'm Lisa, a Board Certified Health Coach and International Holistic Therapist who will guide you on a transformational journey of self discovery and self healing through the awareness of the Mind~Body connection. Utilizing Integrative Nutrition, Natural Health protocols and Mindfulness techniques, I will help you to Relieve Stress, Restore Balance and Renew your Energy in the Mind, Body and Spirit. 

I've had a lifelong passion for inspiring others to align with their purpose, remember who they are, and live a truly authentic life. I believe that everyone has the right to achieve optimal wellness and live the vibrant, happy, inspired life we all deserve!

Lisa Smith, B.Msc., CHC, IPHM


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"The last six months with Lisa have been truly life altering.  I came to her with the desire to learn how to make better choices, as I had developed some unhealthy eating habits.  She helped me to see the connection in all aspects of my life, aside from just food. Her holistic approach really helped me to see where I was out of balance and her coaching technique was so empowering, because it allowed me to recognize that I was able to make the changes myself. One of the biggest issues for me was stress. I did not realize how much it was affecting me, in ways I had not thought of. The stress reduction tools that I learned were so easy, and have become a part of my daily routine.  I will admit that I was nervous to make this commitment and thought I would be overwhelmed but Lisa made everything so doable and comfortable.  I now feel much clearer, more energized and in full control of my life choices again. I can't thank her enough for helping me get to this amazing place!  I am forever grateful!"

~Pamela, Probation Director



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This initial Discovery Session is designed for those who are seeking guidance on how to restore balance in the mind, body and spirit, but are not quite sure where to begin. All sessions are via phone, locally and internationally. 


Through mindful and holistic healing practices, I will help you relieve stress and restore balance to your mind, body and spirit. You'll receive focused attention, encouragement and support while gaining invaluable knowledge to keep you on track to optimal living.  


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Many of us deal with chronic stress in our daily lives, which can lead to serious health issues. It may not always be possible to avoid this stress, but It is important to learn how to effectively manage it.



Wellness Coaching

Stress Management

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Thanks for reaching out...We will be in touch soon!


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